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  • Ham Pants Productions in Shocktoberfest 16!

    The Hypnodrome

    Catch the world premiere of our new short play
    in Shocktoberfest 16: CURSE OF THE COBRA
    16th Annual Extravaganza of Terror & Titillation
    Wed., Thurs., Fri. & Sat. @ 8:00 pm until Nov. 21, 2015
    at The Hypnodrome in San Francisco


    “Cracking the Vein combines nuggets of gold with nuggets of astute historical observation, and it’s the best-written segment of the night.”

    CRACKING THE VEIN – by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona
    The Gold Rush of 1849 spawned the rich and colorful history of San Francisco. In fact, when one ponders speculation, price gouging, dumb luck and greed in The City today, one may still feel a certain kinship for those desperate and dirty ‘49-ers. Playwrights Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona, appearing in their own piece, strike a rich vein of gold in the first moments of the play and with the help of “Big John” haul that payload by hand to the secluded bar and brothel of Madam Permilia. Prospectors and prostitutes play for wealth and power in a goldrush that will leave some dead and others locked in an uneasy alliance.

    Cast: John Flaw (Big John); Andy Wenger (Jasper); Damien Chacona (Eustice);
    Bruna Palmiero (Permilia); Dee Nathanial (Ellie); Katrina Kroetch (Devka).
    Directed by: Russell Blackwood

  • Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft III

    Naked Dudes and Ladies

    There is only one name synonymous with cosmic horror: H.P. LOVECRAFT. There are only a few dudes who know how to read in front of a live audience … with their dongs out.

    Ham Pants Productions lend their not inconsiderable heft to The Hypnodrome with their third annual pageant of cosmic horror: Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft (now with naked ladies!)

    Gaze with lascivious interest as you reel in terror from the reanimation of the not-so-recently departed. Inspect the contours of the damned whist losing your mind from the unimaginable size of the Elder Gods. And marvel at some of San Francisco’s finest avant-garde actors and actresses, reading excerpts from some of H.P. Lovecraft’s finest work while displaying 100% visible wing-wangs & hoo-hoos!

    Saturday, February 7th & Sunday, February 8th
    8:00 PM

    Get your tickets online now.

    $20 General Admission seats
    $25 Shock Box, Turkish Lounge, & Front Row seats

    The Hypnodrome
    575 10th Street
    San Francisco

  • Read about Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft!

    If YOU would like to READ what people have to say about OUR NAKED DUDES reading Lovecraft, check us out on i09 and SF WEEKLY!

  • The Bonesaw Bros. Present an Evening of Holiday Horror


    Friday, December 12, 2014 @ 9:00 PM

    $20 Online and at the door!

    Christmas is a time of love, giving, and unspeakable horror. It wasn’t always the horror of ugly sweaters, annoying cousins, and Jingle Bell Rock. Once upon a time it was fear for the real life threats of coming winter. So, family and folk huddled around embers of a Winter Solstice bonfire to release their terror by tell stories.

    Scary stories.

    Horrible tales of death, punishment, and the supernatural, where men died and children were abducted by Christmas monsters like Krampus, Gumphinckel, and Zwarte Piet.

    On December 12, rise above the horde of vacant eyed consumers and join the Bonesaw Brothers for an evening of Christmas horror, ancient seasonal rites, eldritch winter tales, and holiday ghost stories.

    The evening will consist of multiple scary live christmas stories performed by theater group Ham Pants Productions.