Ham Pants Productions

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HPP Presents

HPP Presents
  • Ham Pants Productions Presents!

    The Massage Parlor

    Ham Pants Productions Presents is a sketch comedy experiment showcasing silly characters in certain satirical situations with the occasional singin’ and dancin’ sexiness featuring The Sparkleponies!

    Ham Pants Productions Presents Cast:
    Andy Wenger
    Damien Chacona
    Alix Barksdale
    Dee Nathaniel
    Craig Souza
    Gaea Denker
    Gerri Lawlor
    Jenny Veilleux
    Jim Jeske
    John Flaw
    Lionel Rouge
    Monica Hernandez
    Morgan Mageehe
    Sean Wigglesworth
    Tiffany Galaxea
    Tim Kay
    Travis Eichhorn
    Winston Black

    The Sparkleponies:
    Alix Barksdale
    Alison Wahl
    Amanda Nordquist
    Calliope Scherrer
    Gaea Denker
    Jenny Veilleux
    Dee Nathaniel
    Tiffany Galaxea

  • The Ham Pants Productions Presents Theme

  • The Spoogillios

  • Jewish Massage Parlor

  • Second Teir Transformers

  • The Deflator