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Top Guys

Top Guys
  • Ham Pants Productions Presents:

    Top Guys

    Most guys work for a living. A lot of guys work in factories. Many guys work in grocery stores. These guys fly F-14 Tomcat fighter jets. Guys with large egos. Guys with something to prove. Guys with a song in their heart and a volley ball on their fingertips. These guys are TOP GUYS.

    Their story will be told November & December 2013 @ 8:00 PM.

    November 13 – 16, 21 – 23
    December 4 – 7, 12 – 14
    8:00 PM

    TICKETS: $20 online and at the door.

    Stage Werx Theatre
    446 Valencia between 15th & 16th

    Directed by: Andy Wenger. Written by: Andy Wenger & Damien Chacona.
    Design by: Damien Chacona.
    Choreography by: Olive Costello & Jenny Veilleux.
    Produced by: Ham Pants Productions & George Kaskanlian, Jr.

    STARRING: Hewston Young, Adam Vogel, Damien Chacona, Phil Demmert, Monica Hernandez, Dylan Thiffault, Mario Thurman, Andy Wenger, Sara Boll, Olive Costello, Katrina Kroetch, Dee Nathaniel, Jenny Veilleux, & Tim Kay as Kenny Loggins!

    Contact damien@hampantsproductions.com for information & details!