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Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone
  • Mr. Dingle, the Strong

    Based on the Twilight Zone Episode of the same name, Mr. Dingle, the Strong focuses on what happens when a two-headed Martian gives Mr. Dingle, vacuum-cleaner salesman and prototypical nebbish, superhuman strength. When Mr. Dingle discovers his new powers, it seems like he’s finally found his way to the top … but in true Twilight Zone form, everything doesn’t always turn out the way it seems.

    Mr. Dingle, the Strong from zombie-j on Vimeo.

    Dan Foley – Mr. Dingle
    Zombie Jay – Martian: Head One
    John Harrison – Martian: Head Two
    Andrew Wenger – Ryder (Writer/Director/Costumes)
    Damien Chacona – Feeney (Writer/Producer/Props/Costumes)
    Julien Sierra – Icebergs
    William Hibbitts – Rags Nutley
    Lionel Rougé – Pierre Bouffet Leshat/Michelle
    Carrina Schindler – Venutian One
    Monica Hernandez – Venutian Two
    Fancee “Fanny” Polesso – Francoise