Ham Pants Productions

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  • Andy & Damien

    Andy & Damien

    The people and projects of Ham Pants Productions have been brought together by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona, who have been making sweet, sweet theatre together for over fifteen years.

    Scroll down to find out a little about ourselves, our cohorts, and our fancy-fine performers!

  • Andy Wenger

    Andy Wenger

    Andy Wenger is a card shark on the Minge-Snark Pretense Circuit. Many theologians believe that “Wenger” is the only correct answer to the question, “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” Others believe that Andy is making this up, and that “Angel” is really a Puerto Rican fellow who is into eyeliner and mesh shirts.

    Andy has been friends with Damien for exactly two days and five hours less than Damien has been friends with Andy. No one ever told either of them any of this, which accounts for the unnecessarily aggressive nature of their relationship. Andy is the resident director of Ham Pants Productions.

  • Damien Chacona

    Damien Chacona

    Damien Chacona is not what he appears, unless he appears to be someone worth knowing. Which he is. Seriously. No, you stop trying so hard.

    Besides co-writing and designing Ham Pants Productions’s shows, Damien is an actor and contributing writer for 915 Cayuga, an episodic, old-time, radio-style, comedic variety show and podcast that follows the fictional world of a group of San Franciscans who have worked on a radio variety show called “915 Cayuga” for the past seven years. It’s very meta.

    Damien also makes art of various types. You can see his layout, design, and logos right here. The other, odder, more confusing art stuff can be seen here.

    Damien is not named after Damien from The Omen. Damien is named after Father Damien from The Exorcist. This is true.

  • Gaea Denker

    Gaea Denker

    Gaea Denker is a contributing writer for Ham Pants Productions, The Sparkleponies, and 915 Cayuga. Gaea is also a full-fledged dancin’-and-singin’ member of The Sparkleponies, and has most recently written and starred in Ham Pants Productions’s Twilight Zone: Live episode, “Nothing in the Dark.”

    Gaea is the founder and head muralist of Murals Without Borders. And if you need a mural or stage scenery, you should pay her to paint for you, because that’s what she does.

  • Monica Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez confirms all rumors and denies all allegations. She is gummy, and is trying to fill the void in her soul with your attention. Monica is Ham Pants Productions’s femme fatale and #1 leading lady.

  • Dee Nathaniel

    Dee Nathaniel

    Dee Nathaniel has been a dead prostitute, the president, and MC Hammer’s wife. She does a little dancing and singing and acting here and there but her biggest talent is her shameless lack of shame. She’ll do just about anything (seriously… anything) to make you laugh. Not only that, but she’s elicited the help of The Sparkleponies, a quirky burlesque troupe, whose antics will entice and confuse you.

    You’ll be able to see Dee in The Dark Room adaptation of Firefly: Jaynestown this October, and she’ll be featured as a dancer in Top Guys, a Ham Pants Production this November and December.

  • Tim Kay

    Tim Kay has competed for three years on the official US Air Guitar circuit, where he goes by the name “Shred” Theodore Logan and most recently qualified for this year’s Western US National Semifinal. He’s also appeared in over a dozen screen-to-stage adaptations and adapted the scripts for The Fifth Element and Ghostbusters live shows.

    His prose writing includes The Brain Ingredient, a dark comedy novel about a chef and a bank teller trying to hold on to their former lives during the zombie apocalypse. His latest work is an intralinked fiction called Read If They Get Me, the paranoid journal of an anarchist out of options but to work for the surveillance tech company that comes to watch him closer and closer.

  • John Harrison

    John Harrison
    John Harrison is a professional slacker and showman with a penchant for playing music in dingy bars. Oftentimes (when he's not busy putting coffee or Guinness in his mouth) he can be found on stage singing and playing ukulele with his lovely band Vagabondage, on the aforementioned 915 Cayuga, or with the fine folks at Ham Pants Productions!