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The Safe Way

The Safe Way
  • The Safe Way

    08 nov the safe way

    What would you do if you were trapped in a grocery store? If there were monsters roaming the earth and you couldn’t leave the store, because they kill people… and then eat them? How would you react if your fellow survivors wanted to risk their lives for the sake of entertainment? What about heroism? Where do you draw the line when you believe your cause is just?

    Victims avoid ‘The Safe Way’
    By: Christina Troup, The Examiner

    Adolph Karajah – Mike
    Andrew Wenger – Andy (Writer/Director/Producer/Costumes)
    Damien Chacona – Joe Bialowski (Writer/Producer/Graphic Design/Director/Costumes)
    Carrina Schindler – Rebecca “Sola” Finkel
    Julien Sierra – Marvin Herman Terwilliger
    Ben Gilbert – Terrence
    Monica Hernandez – Amber “Freedom“ Langford
    Kirk Matthew White – Richard Torrent
    Gerri Lawlor – Nancy Greenleaf
    Lionel Rouge – Lionel
    William Hibbitts – Balladeer
    Diana SlampyakUnderstudy: Freedom, Nancy
    Bronson McKinleyUnderstudy: Balladeer